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Have free sex dating sites killed paid sites?

yvonneSince there are so many free sex dating websites littering the Internet, it’s very easy to think that the days of paid dating sites are way behind us. Not so fast. You have to understand that free sex dating sites cater to a slightly different market than paid subscription sites.

It really all boils down to return on effort. Most of the guys who join free sites have a lot of time. They have to. Why? There are so many stale, outdated, and low-activity profiles in addition to fake profiles on a free dating sites that they have to put in a lot more effort.

Guys who join paid sites, on the other hand, don’t have the time for the bullshit and the games. Instead, they’re looking for people who are serious. This really paints the complete story between free sites and paid sites. It’s all about time.

If you have a lot of time or if you’re unemployed or you don’t have much money, then by all means join free sites. However, if you do have a job and your time is very valuable to you, join a paid site. Why? You’re paying for time. Because if you have a lot of time, then you are basically burning money by spending all that time on that website trying to turn trash into gold.

I’m not saying that all free dating sites are filled with trash profiles. But chances are high that you would have to filter a huge number of free dating profiles for you to actually get laid. With paid sites, there’s less filtering involved. In most cases, the actual profiles that you are dealing with have real people behind them. And I’m not talking about real men but real women.

Paid sites will always remain in business

Another key factor that you need to keep in mind is that paid sites will always remain in business even though there’s a sea of free sex dating sites surrounding them. Why? They are serious. These sites are meant to get you laid in a systematic and methodical way.

It doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to have sex with women who join these paid dating sites. What this does mean is that your chances are much higher because people are much more serious.

The problem which shallow free sites

As I mentioned earlier, if you want to join a free sex dating site, you have to have a lot of time. There are so many unfinished profiles and shallow profiles that you really have to put in a lot of time. You basically have to filter and filter until you get real profiles. With these real profiles, you then have to reach out to hundreds upon hundreds just so you can get laid. That’s how the game is played.

The analysis is not whether free sex dating sites have killed paid sites. The analysis is which do you have more of: Time or money?

Live big boob girls

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