How to Ensure That Your Self Confidence Grows at Free Sex Sites

bigboobsUsually, when people think of free sex sites like, they usually think about chicks that turned them down. This is the common image of online dating in general.

A lot of guys talk a big game about how many Asian chicks they fucked. I know many dudes from my high school that talk about failing with white chicks, but once they got turned on to Thai, Filipina, Vietnamese, Japanese chicks, their sex success ratio blew up. So they’re thinking it’s just a racial thing. No.

What happens is, when you take yourself out of your common environment, for example, you’re a Filipino dude and all you hit on are Filipina chicks, if you take yourself out of that game and then you target another population, let’s say, Vietnamese chicks or Ukrainian chicks, in your mind, you are given a tremendous opportunity to believe that the rules are different.

Once you believe that, then you’re given another opportunity to say, okay, I’m getting a fresh start, so I’m going to believe in different things about myself. I’m going to believe that I can get the pussy. I’m going to believe that I’m worth fucking. I’m going to believe that I am desirable. And on and on it goes.

These beliefs are not free floating. They’re not emotionally neutral. They pack power. So if you’re more conscious of your beliefs, then your actions would change.

So going back to my white friends in high school, it’s not like Filipina girls, for example, are more eager for white cock. It’s not that. It’s because the guy thought he has a better chance.

Now, what if you were to adopt that mindset, but focus it on the market that you are already targeting? The results would be explosive. So do yourself a favor and make your self confidence grow by focusing on the right thoughts. Choose to believe in the right things. Stop beating yourself up unnecessarily.

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